Watch “JJ”, directed by Vernon Chatman and lilfuchs


HI!  We will be touring  the United States, North America, and  Europe  to bring VERTIGO to the people, and play it as it was not intended to be heard.  We have already begun the process of breaking down and reconstructing these songs into new rocking live things without the strings and horns, overdubs, etc.   Tickets for Europe/UK go on sale Friday May 10th, at 10am CET.  Tickets for the North American west coast dates go on sale May 10th at 10am PST.  Thank You.  xoxo -  spidey


The 6th Wand LP, “Vertigo”, will be released July 26th on Drag City Records

Listen to the first single, “Smile” and watch the video by  Connor Clarke.


Recorded by Robert Cody
Mixed by Wand
Mastered by  Heba Kadry

Cover photo by John Divola


All the best,

4/3/24     WAND US TOUR 2024

Hihihi Wand are going on tour in the United States.  So happy and excited.  Ticket links will be up Friday and can be purchased here.  This will be fun.  Some of these dates will be with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Why are we going on tour? no reason just fun I guess.  xoxo - Webby  

Listening to Morning Joy by Steve Lacy  fell asleep in the hot tub again.  ;-b